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This year Bangladesh will step into 5G

‘This year Bangladesh will step into 5G’ said Minister Mustafa Jabbar.Postal and Telecommunications Minister Mostafa Jabbar said, “Bangladesh will get 5G in in 2020. And it will serve as the basis for a new civilization.

The minister said, “Five-way is not seen as just talking or browsing technology of the future, it is called the highway of the digital industry revolution. 5G will play a vital role in the development of industry, trade, agriculture, education and medical systems.

Minister also said, “Roadmap has already been prepared for the expansion of 5G.”By 2026, expansion time has been set for the entire country. Five-G Live will be shown with the most importance on digital fairs on december 16, 17 and 18. Prior to this, the 5G experimental was shown on July 25, 2018.

News Room,Jan 03,2020