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Diarrhea In Children Can Be Symptom Of Corona

Diarrhea in children can be a symptom of corona.Symptoms of coronavirus infection including fever, dry cough, and sore throat. Deterioration of the physical condition also causes shortness of breath. However, experts believe that diarrhea can be a symptom of fever in children.

The Swiss children’s health journal Frontiers in Pediatrics has published a research article on this. Corona infections have also been shown to cause stomach problems, such as diarrhea, in children with fever. This is because the coronavirus is also reaching the intestines, although it can cause respiratory infections, scientists said.

Wenbin Lee, a physician in the research team. He works at Tangji Hospital in Wuhan, China. He said most children have mild symptoms of coronary heart disease. Only in children who already have a physical illness have the infection been shown to be severe. Some children showed no symptoms of respiratory infections. Rather they had another illness. As a result, there was no way to understand at an early stage whether the baby was infected with corona.

News Room, May 15,2020