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The cabinet may change soon

This change may occur in the first or second week of January of new year, adding new faces. The government wants to make it more clear through this time of restructuring and change, keeping the cabinet outside the cabinet and the party outside the cabinet.

The plan to keep the party out of the cabinet has been implemented through the newly held ruling Awami League national conference. Now the cabinet wants the government and government parties to implement the same plan.

This could be a major change for the government and the party in the parallel leadership of the Awami League and move towards a more dynamic cabinet. At the same time, within a year of taking responsibility, some may be excluded if they cannot prove proper skills.

Instead, some of the former, experienced and experienced ministers may join. Several ministerial and state ministerial departments may change, some at the policy-making level told Bangladesh News.

A member of the Awami League presidency said on condition of anonymity, “Due to major changes in the cabinet, some of the top six leaders can get a spot or some of them can get important posts in the central committee through the national conference of the party – from the beginning of this year. There was such talk. ‘

President of the party and Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina said on January 12 that the Awami League Advisory Council and the central executive would jointly award the six leaders to the party. Two of them Jahangir Kabir Nanak and Abdur Rahman have been members of the Presidency this time. Now, some of the remaining four (Ahmed Hossain, BM Mozammel Haque, Mesbahuddin and Bahauddin Nakhim) are more likely to get a technocrat quota when the cabinet changes early next year. ”

According to a member of the government party chairman, ‘The plan to keep the party outside the cabinet was implemented in a central committee formed by the Awami League’s 21st conference held on December 20 and 21.

Since the cabinet was a member of the cabinet as part of a plan to separate the party as much as possible before the start of the new year, some were not kept in the party’s position. Even though there was talk of giving the post, some were not kept in the central committee this time because of being in the cabinet.

Law Minister Anisul Haque and Home Minister Asaduzzaman Khan were in charge of the two important ministries, despite talks about getting a place in the presidency. Therefore, even if new faces are added to the cabinet, the issues of keeping the party and the government separate will be taken into account.

Sources said that if the cabinet changes, the Awami League’s presidium member and former agriculture minister Matia Chowdhury may return. Former Commerce Minister and Awami League Advisory Council member Tofail Ahmed and former minister Asaduzzaman Noor are also on the list. Awami League joint general secretary Mahbub-ul Alam Hanif is also on the new face list.

Habib Millat Munna, a Member of Parliament elected from a Sirajganj parliamentary constituency, is under discussion. There is strong discussion that he too can join the cabinet. Even if there is a question of whether any of the Awami League-led alliance and that party of the 14-party alliance is getting a seat in the cabinet, this time the members are less likely to join.

Sources say the cabinet may be considered as having been “inactive” despite its responsibilities, unable to play a role in alleviating various kinds of public suffering, onion prices, and in the important posts of the ruling Awami League but could not be allowed to be in the cabinet.

Even if they are left out of the cabinet, they will remain the party’s leadership. Since launching the cabinet in January this year, the Prime Minister has been evaluating the activities and skills of the cabinet for every month. Although he is pleased with the work of many, some are not happy about it. The Prime Minister wants to make the cabinet more dynamic by giving them the responsibility of a few new ones with experienced and transparent image.

According to information, the Prime Minister extended the current cabinet for the first time by making Fazilatunnesa Indira Minister of Parliament for reserved seats on July 13. On the same day, Imran Ahmed of the Ministry of Expatriates’ Welfare and Foreign Employment became the minister from the state. Earlier, the cabinet was redistributed at about four-and-a-half months following the government’s steps. Through this, the ministers and ministers of the two ministries were cut.

According to the Awami League’s policy makers, the center of the party has been the center of discussion for the past few days at the party’s central level, who is getting a new seat in the cabinet and who is leaving. However, those who are getting new seats in the cabinet or who are missing out on it – it is the jurisdiction of the party chief Sheikh Hasina. His decision is final.

He will be the place of those whom He wants. Only the Prime Minister and his office will determine when new faces will be taken in the cabinet. The constitution guarantees the power of the Prime Minister.

News Room,December 28,2019