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The rain will start from Sunday

The rain will start from Sunday, will continue throughout the week.The intensity of winter did not diminish and rains lashed across the country.The fog started to fade. Clouds will remain in the sky over many areas of the country including Dhaka.

Weather office data says cloudy skies will be in the next 24 hours. However, the rain will start again on Sunday and will continue for a week.Although there is a chance of light rain in the beginning, it will change from light to moderate in the last half of the week.

The information reported on Friday,December 27 . According to the data, the temperature of the day will not be much effect, but the temperature will decrease at night.

Meteorologist Aftab Uddin said, ‘The sky will remain mainly cloudy throughout the day. It may rain during the day. Rainfall is likely in the southern Rajshahi-Mymensingh area including in the southern part of the country. However, in the next 24 hours, the rains will subside. He said the skies would remain cloudy on Saturday, December 28.

The meteorologist also said,’Mild to moderate cold wave was flowing over Rangpur division including Mymensingh, Rajshahi, Naogaon and Sirajganj. It may continue. That is, it is not possible to reduce the intensity of winter in these regions of the country.

Even though it has been raining since Thursday afternoon,the temperature is slightly higher than on Thursday. On Thursday, the minimum temperature in the country was 5.7 degrees Celsius, which was the lowest in the country this year.

However, the lowest temperature in the country this morning was 9.3 degrees Celsius, which was also found in Tetulia.
On the other hand, the minimum temperature in Dhaka on Thursday was 12.5 degree Celsius.On Friday morning it rise to 15.5 degree Celsius.

Meanwhile, weather office data says that the rain may last for four days, beginning with the last three days of the year – that is, the entire week . Of these, the last day of the year – December 29,30 and 31 will be light rain in different parts of the country. However, four days before the start of the new year – January 1 to January 4 the rain will change from mild to moderate.

Meteorologist Aftab Uddin says this week, even if it rains, it will not affect the daytime temperatures. However,the temperature will continue to drop at night.

News Room,December 28,2019