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traffic jam issue in Chandpur city

‘Trying to resolve the traffic jam issue in Chandpur city’

We are trying to fix the traffic jam issue in Chandpur city, said Municipal Mayor Zillur Rahman Jewel. A meeting of the Urban Coordination Committee (TLCC) of Chandpur Municipality has been held to implement the Urban Management Improvement Program (UGIAP) under the Third Urban Management and Infrastructure Improvement Project 03 (UGIAP-03).

Mayor Md. Zillur Rahman Jewel presided over the meeting held at Chandpur Municipal Library on Monday morning.

At that time, he said, the vehicles under our supervision to reduce traffic congestion in Chandpur city. We are trying to control them.

Especially the easy bikes. We could not be so hard because of Corona in renewing the licenses of the vehicles that are under the municipality. We have given them a month and then we will take tough steps in this regard.

Municipal Secretary Mofizuddin Haldar, Municipal Secretary Abul Kalam Bhuiyan, Chandpur Dedicated Women’s Organization Executive Director Mostafizur Rahman, Municipal Awami League Acting President Radha Gobinda Gop, Acting General Secretary Aminul Islam Babul, Education Minister Dipu Moni MP’s delegate Saifuddin Babu, District Women Awami League Convener Professor Masuda Nur Khan, UNDP Town Manager Abdul Hannan, Councilor Habibur Rahman Darji, Md. Alamgir Gazi, Women Councilor Farida Ilias, Ayesha Rahman, Public Works Department Sub-Divisional Engineer Ali Hossain Majumdar, Editor Fatema Akhter, cashier artist Ghosh of Dakatia cluster, cluster representative Monira Akhter and others were present at the function.

All the councilors of different wards and members of the Town Coordination Committee (TLCC) including the panel mayor of the municipality were also present at the time.

Correspondent: Kobir Hossain Mizi, September 27,2021