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Walking Are Prohibited At The Same Time

Walking are prohibited at the same time.Despite many suggestions and instructions to prevent the fatal coronavirus infection, awareness has not come to the people. Rather people are in the mood for vacation rather than staying home.

Theologians repeatedly call for prayers at home, but some people are going to the mosque. Coronavirus is thus spreading.

The government has decided to deploy Armed Forces across the country to control such situation and to ensure the treatment of the coroner victims. The Navy will work in the coastal areas.

Emergency medicine supply and treatment will ensure the Air Force and the army will implement the overall directives in the cities.

According to the instructions, no one will be able to move around the country from Wednesday to Wednesday. No one will be able to leave the house without emergency work. And yet he must face questioning. Armed forces will be on the field from today to confirm these instructions.

Dhaka Bureau Chief, March 25,2020