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When Class And Exam Will Begin?

When class and exam will begin?The simple answer of this question is no one can say.Postponement of the HSC exam was reported due to coronavirus, with the next schedule scheduled for early April. But the situation did not come under control, officials of the education board could not say when the exam will begin. As a result, more than one million candidates are in uncertainty. The first temporary examination of elementary schools is scheduled to begin from April 15. That is also unlikely to happen at this time.

Under the influence of coronavirus, the whole pedagogy has become random due to the closure of classes. Not only the HSC exam, it will also have a big impact on the upcoming SSC, JSC and other annual exams. The eleventh class admission may be postponed even after the SSC result release is delayed. Sessionsjet will also increase in universities. As a result, about 4 million students will suffer from elementary to higher education.

The first coronary patient was diagnosed on March 08 in the country. Although the Ministry of Education was against the closure of the educational institution at first, the education ministry declared the shutdown from March 16 to March 17 in light of the cabinet decision on March 31. Later, the holiday period was extended till April 09. Sources in the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Elementary and Mass Education say that the situation is going on, which is unlikely to start the class exams before the next Holy Ramadan and Eidul Fitr holiday ends.

The HSC and equivalent examinations are scheduled to begin on April 01, but were postponed to March 22. Asked when the exam will start, Dhaka Secondary and Higher Secondary Education Board Chairman Md. Ziaul Haque said on Thursday that the test should be started at least 15 days after the situation returns to normal. The wait will be resolved till the government holiday (April 15).

Meanwhile, the H.S.C. examination for the postponement of the Corona situation has also come as a surprise. SSC and equivalent results are expected to be released early next month. Now that is uncertain too. At this point. Ziaul Haq said at least 20 days after the situation would be normal.

Problems with not having classes

Usually in January, the new book, along with the admission, goes away for some time. And due to SSC and equivalent examinations in February, most of the secondary schools do not have classes. Due to the HSC exam in April, classes are reduced in this time. Basically in March there are more classes in school and college. But due to coronavirus, class problems started from March.

Although the curriculum was shut down from March 17, shortly before that, many parents stopped sending their children to school. When the class will start again, no one can say. As a result, the syllabus will not end.

When the HSC exam, nobody knows.
The eleventh grade examination is also uncertain.

Shahan Ara Begum, principal of Motijheel Ideal School and College in the capital, said that an extreme uncertainty had begun. As the course is not finished, it is not possible to say whether the medium will be able to take half-year examination in June. SSC and JSC examinations will be the most difficult. If the situation is good, the annual examination of the school may be possible to reduce the ‘chapter’ of the book and give the upper classes an opportunity to do some kind of assessment. But that is not possible in SSC and JSC. For this, the government must think something special.

The Principal believes that in the situation underway, he does not think that it will be possible to open the school before Eid al-Fitr. Because, up to the date of the holiday till date. Ramadan will begin a few days after this. It cannot be said whether the situation would be better before that. From the beginning of Ramadan, Eid is about a month and a half after the holiday. As a result, educational institutions are facing long-term closure.

Accordingly, Ramadan may begin on April 24 or 25 depending on the moon. Meanwhile, classes started with parliamentary television at the secondary level, but it was not very effective, said a principal of a well-known education institute in Dhaka.

Media started recording classes through parliamentary television, but it has not yet been started in the primary. Although there is talk of how effective it will be in the beginning. Because the children of the elementary children are the same age, there is no television in every room of the country. According to the pedagogy, the first periodical examination is to be held from April 15 to April 23.

Director General of the Department of Primary Education. Fossi Ullah told the First Light that, in the current situation, it may not be possible to take the first periodic examination in a timely manner. However, no decision has been made yet. He said preparations are underway to take classes on television and online within the closure.

Former caretaker government adviser Rasheda K Chowdhury has suggested that such a plan be carried out in a comprehensive way. He said in the first light that despite the mistake, there was a momentum in education. He will stumble. The children of many working-class families are in danger of falling. There will be more problems. Therefore, all concerned, including the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Primary and Mass Education, should plan ahead in a coordinated manner.

News Room, April 04,2020