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Corona Is Likely To Be Attacked Second Time!

Corona is likely to be attacked a second time! What are the researchers saying?One of the world’s countries is dying due to a corona wall injury. No drugs, no antidote. The only way to prevent this deadly virus from being infected is to survive the infection. So far doctors and researchers have been convinced that once corona is healed, antibodies are made in the body, with no chance of being infected a second time. However, that idea is also wrong.

In Japan, a 40-year-old woman has been infected with Cavid-19 for the second time, now the question is whether the virus can attack someone for the second time. There is a lot of research going on about the possibility of a second infection. However, researchers have not yet reached a definite conclusion.

Explains the matter, said senior lecturer at the University of Bradford, UK and the University of Leeds School of Medicine Amir Khan.

About the second attack, he said:Before understanding whether coronavirus attacks a second time, we need to know how our body first develops its resistance to the virus. When a pathogen (virus or bacterium) enters the human body, the immune system first recognizes it as an alien. There are certain blood vessels in the body whose job is to guard the body and send a quick alert to the brain if any new infections occur.

After receiving this warning, the body starts producing certain antibodies and strengthens the immune system. This process takes time because it takes longer to produce certain levels of antibodies to overcome the infection.

Since the body takes a little time to strengthen the immune system, the virus or bacteria multiply during this period and make people sick.

It may take a few days or weeks for the body to produce the necessary antibodies to fight the virus, during which time the virus begins to show signs of infection. When enough antibodies are produced in the body, the infection is overcome and the person begins to recover.

At this time, the human body’s immune system does a sensible job for the future. It keeps creating some memory cells. In the future, when the virus enters the body again, these memory cells quickly destroy the virus.

For the second time, the human body’s immune system works so quickly that the person cannot get terrified. He is infected with the virus. This resistance usually lasts for a lifetime. This is not always the case, so in many cases there is a possibility of a second attack.

Apart from Covid-19 disease, there are many other diseases caused by coronavirus. Various viruses in the family of Corona cause coughing. Individuals who are infected with other coronaviruses have a similar immune system for 2-3 years. So the question remains whether they will be attacked again.

There is considerable doubt as to whether a second person may be infected with Covid-19 disease as the immune system is already in the human body to prevent the corona family virus.

According to a study in China, the same virus is infected again in the body of multiple monkeys infected with coronavirus. Then it turns out that they were not infected with the virus for the second time.

However, immunologists agree with the second infection of Covid-19 disease, which requires further study.

Some experts say that the second disease is unlikely to be the second time. Martin Hibbard, a professor at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, says, though we need more evidence to confirm this. However, after reviewing the data, it can be said that no one is likely to be infected a second time in SARS-COV-2. This is another name for SARS-COV-2, Covid-19.

News Room, April 06,2020