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Honey Is More Effective Than Antibiotic In Colds & Coughs

Honey is more effective than antibiotic in colds and coughs: Oxford study.In a new study, scientists say that honey is more effective than antibiotic in relieving runny nose and sore throat.

Researchers at the University of Oxford say that doctors may recommend the use of readily available honey to relieve such a condition without prescribing antibiotic.

With the nose, throat and bronchial lungs located in the upper part of the human respiratory tract. It is seen that children eat honey to cure some of these problems. However, there is no research on the effectiveness of honey in eliminating these diseases in adults.

To understand this, scientists created a research project. They conducted 14 clinical trials in which 1,071 people took part. The study also used antihistamines, painkillers and other antibiotics.

The researchers said they found that the use of honey quickly yielded positive results. Honey is more beneficial in reducing such symptoms and reducing the incidence of phlegm. Two of these tests showed that the patient began to recover within a day or two of consuming honey.

The study involved by Hibatullah Abulegasim, a researcher at Oxford University Medical School, Charlotte Albury of the Newfield Department of Primary Care Health Sciences, and Joseph Lee.

They say honey is a complex ingredient. Two tests found no efficacy in honey. That is why more research is needed in this regard.

In an article published in the British Medical Journal, they added that the use of antibiotics for respiratory problems is a very common issue. Although the use of antibiotics is ineffective and unnecessary. Instead, honey is safe and effective.

They concluded that honey has been used as a diet in homes. It is cheap and readily available. There is no such harmful reaction. Honey can be used as an alternative to antibiotics.

News Room, August 28,2020