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White rice has a 27 percent higher risk of diabetes

White rice has a 27 percent higher risk of diabetes.White rice is the main food of people in all parts of our country. With the use of white rice in various daily recipes. But you may be afraid to know that eating white rice is extremely risky for diabetes!

Two international research team published in the Harvard School of Public Health and the British Medical Journal, India’s influential media outlet NDTV reported in a report. According to the report, the researchers conducted research on 1 lakh and 32 thousand 373 people in 21 countries for 10 consecutive years.

The study looked at people of different classes, professions and ages in different categories. However, the participants ranged in age from 35 to 70 years. The study found that South Asia is the highest risk of diabetes. Because most of the people in this region are accustomed to eating white rice.

Over a long period of time, researchers have found that South Asia is the most risky region for diabetes. Geographically, a few times more people here suffer from diabetes than people in other areas.

Researchers say that people who are accustomed to eating about 250 grams of boiled white rice per day have an 11 percent higher risk of diabetes than others. After the age of 30, they are at risk of developing diabetes.

Another study published in the British Medical Journal found that those who ate the most white rice had a 27 percent increased risk of diabetes.

Considering the results obtained from both studies, it is clear that white rice acts as a dangerous ingredient in the risk of diabetes. As a result, even if white rice is part of the diet due to habit, one should be more moderate in eating.

News Room, September 13,2020