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13 crore people recovered from Coronavirus in world

Number of Covid-19 infected worldwide has exceeded 15 crore 41 lakhs. International statistics-based website WorldoMeters reported this information on Tuesday, May 04.

According to the organization’s website, 219 countries and regions of the world have been infected by the global coronavirus epidemic. So far, the total number of identities around the world is 15 crore 41 lakh 78 thousand 244. Of these, 32 lakh 26 thousand 875 people have died. Already 13 crore 15 lakh 73 thousand 858 people have recovered.

The United States has the highest number of deaths from the corona virus in the world. Corona has so far claimed the lives of 5 lakh 91 thousand 514 people in the country. Besides, the infection has been identified in the bodies of 3 crore 32 lakh 30 thousand 561 people.

After the United States, India is the most affected country in Corona. Corona is also the most troubled country in Asia. So far 2 crore 75 thousand 543 patients have been identified as corona patients in India. 2 lakh 22 thousand 383 people died.

News Room, May 04,2021