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5 More People Died Of Coronavirus, 418 Newly Infected

Five more people died of coronavirus, 418 newly infected. Five more people have died in the last 24 hours due to coronavirus. The death toll from the virus stood at 145 people. In the last 24 hours, 418 more people have been identified as infected. The total number of corona victims in the country has been five thousand and 416. Besides, nine more have recovered. As a result, the total number of healthy patients stood at 122.

This information was given in the regular health bulletin of the Department of Health regarding coronavirus on Sunday, April 26 at noon. Additional Director General of the Department of Health Prof. Dr.Nasima Sultana presented the online bulletin.

She said 3,680 samples were collected in the last 24 hours to detect coronavirus. Of these, 3,476 samples were tested. In all, 46,589 samples were tested. Coronavirus has been identified in the bodies of 418 more people in the new sample. As a result, the total number of victims in Corona stood at five thousand and 416 people. Five more died of their injuries, bringing the death toll to 145. Besides, nine more have recovered. As a result, a total of 122 people have recovered.

Among the newly dead are three men and two women. Four are residents of the capital and one is a resident of Dohar, Dhaka. Among them is a child under the age of 10. This child was suffering from kidney problems (nephrotic syndrome). In the meantime, his corona came positive. The rest are one in the sixties and three in the over fifties.

The bulletin urges everyone to stay at home and follow the advice of the Department of Health and the World Health Organization to avoid the risk of coronavirus infection.

The coronavirus, which spread from China’s Wuhan in late December, is now wreaking havoc around the world. Although China has handled the situation a lot, other parts of the world, including Europe, America and Asia, are now suffering severely. The virus has infected more than 2.9 million people worldwide. The death toll has exceeded two lakh. However, more than eight and a quarter lakh patients have already recovered.

On March 08, the first coronavirus patient was identified in Bangladesh. After that, at first a few new infected patients were reported, but now this number is increasing by leaps and bounds. Death is also increasing.

The government has declared a general holiday to curb the spread of the deadly virus. Has taken many more steps. At the heart of these measures is maintaining a social distance between people, especially keeping them at home. But experts fear that the spread of the coronavirus could reach alarming levels as people are not being kept at home despite intensified patrols by the armed forces, RAB and police.

News Room,April 26,2020