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arrested in mobile courts

10 raids in Chandpur, 3 people arrested in mobile courts

10 raids in Chandpur – 3 people arrested in mobile courts. In the last 24 hours (April 11), the district task force has conducted 10 raids, conducted 2 mobile courts and sent to jail three unscrupulous jails for catching Jatka in violation of government ban within the Chandpur maritime boundary. The campaign will continue till April 30.

These operations are being conducted by Magistrate, Naval Police, Coast Guard and Fisheries Department under the direction of Fisheries Department and Deputy Commissioner.

According to the Chandpur District Fisheries Officer’s Office, three people have been jailed and fined Tk. 35,000 for violating the ban on April 11 in the last 24 hours. The District and Upazila Task Force has conducted regular raids and mobile courts.

The executive magistrates, upazila executive officers and upazila assistant commissioners of the deputy commissioner’s office run these mobile courts.

It is also learned that 1.91 MT of jatka and fish were seized during the regular patrol operations of the district task force. 2 lakh 36 thousand meters prohibited current net have been seized .

The estimated value of the seized nets is Tk. 2 lakh 67 thousand. The number of cases is 8.

In this regard, Chandpur District Fisheries Officer Md. Asadul Baki said, ‘Unscrupulous fishermen are not going to be suppressed in any way. It is alleged that they are hunting jatka in the river even in hostile weather. Nevertheless, we are continuing the operation on the river under the leadership of the District Task Force. Our campaign against the Jatka-killing clique will continue till April 30.

Chandpur District Coast Guard Station Commander Lt. Asaduzzaman said, “We are patrolling at four points to stop unscrupulous fishermen. Yet some fishermen are descending into the river to destroy the jatka. We have continued regular operations to resist them.

Incidentally, at the time of the ban, the government has completely banned the procurement, transportation, stocking and sale of Jatka. However, some unscrupulous gangs have used various tactics to kill Jatka in the river.

Correspondent: Abdul Ghoni, April 11,2021