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Chandpur Seems Ghost Town In Evening Time

Chandpur seems to be ghost town in evening time.The busiest city of Chandpur turns into a ghost town without evening. Where there are always a number of vehicles, including Autorickshaw, CNG, Rickshaw, there is sunshine silence.

Launchgate road on the west side of the city’s Shapat Square, and railway courtstation on the north side and other important roads on the right and left on the east side, but the image of the city has changed since the arrival of Coronavas. Whistle is not a train or a boat, it has changed the image of the city chest.

Many lived around launch, train and bus stations. As a result, they are now unemployed because of the family. There is no accumulation of capital for the people to be fed. Although public holidays were announced from March 26 to April 04, it has now reached government-private institutions on April 25. As a result, no passengers are coming to the city.

Meanwhile, after the lockdown on Thursday in Chandpur, the city has become more deserted. In most areas, local bamboo fences are kept.

Meanwhile, the city was locked down by a bamboo fence at various parlors including Nazirpara, Madrasa Road, Rahmatpur Colony, Ghoshpara and Guakhola Road. In addition, disinfectants are being sprayed down the streets by the initiative of local youths.

Correspondent: Shariful Islam, April 12,2020