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Corona infection in world exceeded 96 million

Second wave of corona is going on in the world and new types of corona have been found in several countries including Europe. Experts believe that it is much stronger than the previous virus. At present, the number of victims of corona in the world has exceeded 96 million and the number of deaths has exceeded 20 lakh 49 thousand.

As of Tuesday, January 19 in the morning, 96 million 4,121 people had been infected with the corona and 20,49,232 had died in the world, according to the WorldoMiter, a website that keeps coronavirus-infected and fatal statistics. 6 crore 86 lakh 26 thousand 506 people have returned home after recovering.

Corona has the highest number of infections and deaths in the United States so far. In the country which is at the top of the list, 2 crore 46 lakh 26 thousand 376 people have been infected with corona so far. Four lakh 8 thousand 620 people have died.

News Room, January 19,2021