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Coronavirus In Saudi Arabia: Death Toll Of Bangladeshi Is High

Coronavirus in Saudi Arabia: Death toll of bangladeshi is high.According to the latest data provided by the country’s health ministry on May 5, 30,251 people are affected. 5,431 people have recovered and returned home. A total of 200 people, including expatriates and Saudi people, were killed. Of these, 64 people are Bangladeshi and only 22 are from Chittagong region. Proportionately, Bangladeshi have the highest number of deaths among other countries.

Makkah, the country’s holy city, has the highest death toll at 85. Medina in the second place then other cities in phases.

As of May 5, 92 percent of the victims were adults, 6 percent were children and 2 percent were over 60. Again, 86 percent of them are men, 14 percent are women and 76 percent are expatriates and 24 percent are Saudis.

Health Ministry spokesman said. Muhammad Abdul Ali says there is a difference between recovering from a coronavirus attack. Some have recovered in one day, some in a week, and in some cases, it takes more time in a complicated situation. However, the hope is that the number of well-being is increasing. The holy city of Makkah is under attack, well and the death toll is high. The death rate in Saudi Arabia is 0.7.

He said, now is the time to be careful! The main reason behind the spread of COVID-19 is to move from one place to another and to mix with others. For your protection, stay indoors.

Meanwhile, another source said that the number of Bangladeshi corona infected in Saudi Arabia is around four thousand.

Correspondent: Sagar Chowdhury, May 06,2020