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66 people died in 6 days in Cumilla

66 people died in 6 days in Cumilla. In Cumilla district, 6 people have died in six days of this month. Of these, 38 are women and 28 are men. Again, most of them are villagers. Health experts say the death rate is skyrocketing due to not wearing a mask, not being vaccinated and not maintaining social distance.

According to the Civil Surgeon’s Office, 14 people have died in one day in the last 24 hours in Cumilla district. Of these, 10 are women and 4 are men. Of the 15 people who died on August 5, 7 were women. Of the 8 people who died on August 4, five were women. Of the 7 people who died on August 3, 3 were women. Of the 13 people who died on August 02, 8 were women. Of the 9 people who died on August 1, 4 were women.

According to the District Civil Surgeon’s Office, in the last 24 hours, samples of 1,758 people were examined and the corona of 563 people was identified. 32 percent identified against the sample test. 281 people have recovered on this day. 14 people died. Three of them died in Baruda and Chandina upazilas and one each in Comilla City Corporation, Brahmanpara, Daudkandi, Chauddagram, Muradnagar, Manoharganj, Nangalkot and Lalmai upazilas.

District Civil Surgeon Mir Mubarak Hossain said, “Corona towns and villages are spreading everywhere. We are serving the hospitalized patients. I am trying my best to save the critically ill patients who come to the hospital late. Many are not going to be given ICU beds due to high patient pressure. I still say follow the hygiene rules. ‘

According to district health department sources, 33,350 people have been identified as corona in Cumilla district so far. Of these, 17,841 people recovered and 6 died.

News Room, August 07,2021