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Dementia disease in Bangladesh

With the coming age, insecurity is spreading all over the world. Of these, dementia has become fatal. And Bangladesh is one of the countries that are at risk of severe dementia. In low and middle income countries, the rate of infection is higher.

At present the number of people with dementia is around 5 crore around world. By 2050, the number could exceed 15 crore. There are currently more than one million people suffering from dementia in Bangladesh.

The information was given at the inaugural function of the Dementia Care Foundation and National Conference on Dementia at the National Institute of Neuro Science Hospital Auditorium on Saturday,December 21.

Dementia is more common in people over the age of 65 years. When the disease occurs, the person suffering from the memory of the disease. They usually can’t remember anything. Forget about the past. You ask the same thing over and over again. There is no treatment for this disease. However, with concerted efforts, it is possible to keep dementia sufferers healthy.

The Chairperson of the Foundation and Director of the National Institute of Neuroscience and Hospital Prof. Dr. Qazi Din Mohammed were the chief guest at the function.The guest of honor was the Foundation Advisor Frank Shaffer.

A Memorandum of Understanding was signed between the Department of Health and the Dementia Care Foundation following the inauguration. The conference also discussed the global and regional context of dementia, treatment,services and problems,work experience and future causes of dementia in Bangladesh.

Assistant Professor of National Mental Health Institute Dr. Helal Uddin, Program Manager of the Department of Health Dr. Md. Razwanul Karim, Professor Dr. Badrul Alam, Joint Director of the National Institute of Neuroscience and Hospital addressed the conference.

News Room,December 25,2019