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International Flights To Saudi Arabia Halt

International flights to Saudi Arabia halt.Saudi Arabia has suspended all international flights for two weeks following the outbreak of the Corona virus around the world.

No international flights to and from the country will be available from Sunday, March 15. The announcement was made on Saturday, March 7 by the country’s home ministry. The country’s state news agency Saudi Press Agency reported.

At least 24 people have been infected with the Corona virus in Saudi Arabia on Friday. As a result, the total number of people in the country stands at 86.

The ministry statement said that the flight will remain suspended from 11 am on Sunday in Saudi Arabia. However, some flights may be allowed in special cases.

It also said that due to cancellation of aviation, citizens and permanent residents who cannot return to Saudi Arabia from other countries or return from Saudi Arabia to Quarantine will be considered as a two-week special public holiday.

The statement said that necessary measures have been taken to keep all persons coming to Saudi Arabia as tested and detached as steps to prevent the virus.

The statement said that the Ministry of Health, with the cooperation of the Home Ministry, Civil Aviation Authority and the government offices, will take necessary steps for all those who want to return to Saudi Arabia and the process will be informed soon.

Saudi Arabia had earlier suspended flights to the European Union and 12 countries in Asia and Africa.

News Room, March 14,2020