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Food Aid To Bangladeshi Migrants In Saudi Arabia

Food aid to Bangladeshi migrants in Saudi Arabia.Food assistance has been provided to about ten thousand Bangladeshi migrants living in Saudi Arabia. Food assistance has been provided to about 8,000 Bangladeshi migrants from the Bangladesh Embassy in Riyadh and the Consulate in Jeddah. The embassy and consulate started distributing food baskets to Bangladeshi migrants on April 13 as part of the Bangladesh government’s assistance. So far, about 8,000 (eight thousand) migrant Bangladeshi have been assisted by embassies and consulates. This activity is being carried out with the financial assistance of the Ministry of Expatriate Welfare and Overseas Employment.

A curfew has been in place in Saudi Arabia since March 23 due to an outbreak of the corona virus. In this situation, many of the migrant Bangladeshis are in financial crisis. Due to the ongoing curfew and restrictions on movement, coupons of super shops are being distributed on mobile phones to expatriates at risk so that expatriates can easily purchase essential items from the nearest outlet.

Entrepreneurs of expatriate service centers set up in different cities of Saudi Arabia under the embassy have provided assistance to about 1000 (one thousand) expatriate Bangladeshis in Riyadh, Buraida, Hail, Dammam, Jubail and Al Hasa. About 500 (five hundred) Bangladeshi migrants have been assisted by the joint Awami family in Riyadh and activities are underway to help another two thousand migrants. Food assistance has been provided to about 2000 (two thousand) Bangladeshis at the initiative of Bangladesh Society and Bangladesh Community in Dammam city. In addition, business, political and social organizations in various parts of Saudi Arabia are continuing to support migrants.

Regarding the distribution of food aid, Ambassador Golam Masih said that assistance would be provided in phases to those who applied to the embassy for assistance.

He said the distribution of food aid to the migrant Bangladeshis has been continued in the current situation as per the directives of the Prime Minister. “We are trying to deliver food aid to as many expatriates as allocated,” the ambassador said. At the same time, various organizations of the community and well-to-do people have been requested to help the expatriate Bangladeshis. The Ambassador said that in this situation, regular telephone contacts are being maintained with various companies in Saudi Arabia to ensure that Bangladeshi migrants are not fired.

Expatriate Bangladeshis expressed their sincere gratitude to Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina for providing food assistance.

Correspondent: Sagar Chowdhury,
May 19,2020