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I’m playing for Bangladesh : Mashrafe

The captain Mashrafe came to the press conference on February 29. Mashrafe was naturally intrigued by the question. Mashrafe himself was very tactful to handle all the questions of the journalists.

Mashrafe, the one-day captain of Bangladesh, has not been known for a long time. Mashrafe will return to international cricket after a long time. Bangladesh will play in the ODI series against Zimbabwe.

Many people think that if not the captain, there would be no place for eleven as a performer. It was for that reason that he decided to oust him as captain. Are things not shameful? Mashrafeira does not hurt self-esteem?

Bangladesh captain said, ‘Do I steal in the field, am I a thief? Shame on the play, self-esteem… I can’t really match these. There is so much plagiarism in such places, so shameful they are not ashamed? If I can’t get a wicket, then I would be critical of it. But I have to be ashamed. ‘

Mashrafe said, “I could not exclude me, this is normal. My shame, self-esteem, with whom will I go with this? I’m playing for Bangladesh. Am I against the people of Bangladesh? No one can perform. The criticism may be that I am not getting wickets, it is happening all over the world. But when it comes to self-esteem, shame is my question. I have no problem to criticize. But questioning self-esteem may not happen. Did I come to play cricket with self-esteem? Or played or stolen for another country. ‘ So I disagree with this thing at all.

Dhaka Burrue Chief, 29 February 2020