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During Holidays Journalists Do Not Need Separate Pass

During holidays, journalists does not need separate pass: Information Minister.The government has declared leave from March 26 to April 4 to prevent the spread of coronavirus. Information minister Hasan Mahmud said journalists did not need a separate pass to fulfill their duties at this time.

The information minister said this on Wednesday (March 25th) at a hand sanitizer and mask distribution to prevent coronavirus infection from leaders of Bangladesh Secretariat Reporters Forum (BSRF), a group of journalists working at the Secretariat Beat. The program was organized at the Secretariat.

The government has announced the closure of public transport this year after announcing a holiday across the country to prevent the transmission of novel coronavirus. The government has called for everyone to stay home at this time. The army has already taken the field to assist the local administration.

Asked whether a separate pass or identity card should be issued to reporters during the holidays, the information minister said, “I personally believe that the card (office ID) of journalists is sufficient. If journalists are told from the media house that he is on-duty, then that is enough. I don’t think there is a need for a separate card. When a journalist is on-duty, I think he needs to cooperate. ‘

He said, ‘This disaster must be dealt with jointly. Journalists have to go to different places to collect news, so they too are at risk of getting coronavirus. We said we would arrange some kits for personal protection of journalists.’

Hasan Mahmud said that the country will be released from the coronavirus after the release of Khaleda Zia, ‘Coronavirus is a global disaster. The release of Khaleda Zia has nothing to do with it. I hope no one will say such irresponsible things.’

Tapan Biswas, president of Bangladesh Secretariat Reporters Forum and other leaders of the executive committee including general secretary Shamim Ahmed were present on the occasion.

Dhaka Bureau Chief, March 25,2020