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Monirul Islam Milon promoted to Japa Chairman Advisor

Former student and youth leader of Faridganj Upazila of Chandpur, Joint Secretary-General of the Jatiya Party Central Committee, Monirul Islam Milon has been promoted to the advisory of the chairman of the Jatiya Party.

Milon entered student politics while studying at Dhaka University in the early nineties. All the family members, including his late father Jamal Hossain Patwari, as a former army officer, had a lot of weakness in the national party and Ershad because of all development activities done in the interest of the country and people during the rule of former President Ershad.

For that reason, when the students of Dhaka University were educated at the University of Dhaka in the year 6, the then struggling student society became involved in the politics of the National Students’ Association, the student body of the Jatiya Party today.

As a student at Dhaka University, the National Student Society, along with the Dhaka University branch, was elected president and started the leadership journey. As a student leader, he was appointed as the president of the Central Committee of the National Student Society, due to his talented ability.

He became known to the leaders because of his skillful leadership in Japanese politics. In the political arena, he became popular with all, regardless of party. He is well known as a popular leader for the special Faridganj upazila of Chandpur.

Lastly, he was promoted to the joint general secretary of the Jatiya Party Central Committee, after the 9th National Council, and the chairman of the opposition party, GM Quader, signed on January 5, the post of joint secretary-general.
Monirul Islam Milon was born on February 17, 1970 in the village of Bhawal, east of Paikpara union in Faridganj Upazila. He is the eldest of five children of army officer late Jamal Hossain Patwari and Mrs Fatema Begum. He was nominated by the party as the ‘Langal’ symbol in the Chandpur-1 (Faridganj) constituency in the last 25 and 28 parliamentary elections. Later, Hasebe, part of the alliance, supported the Awami League candidate.

Press release, January 17, 2020