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New record for corona infection in world in a single day

New record for corona infection in the world in a single day.Day by day, the number of coronavirus infections increases. On Sunday (September 13), a record number of three lakh and seven thousand 930 patients with corona were diagnosed in one day in the world.

The World Health Organization (WHO) says most corona patients have been identified in the 24 hours since the global epidemic began on September 13. Earlier, on September 6, in one day, three lakh and six thousand 857 people were diagnosed with corona.

The number of coronavirus infections is growing the fastest in India. Then there are the United States and Brazil. However, the number of attacks in European countries is increasing day by day. According to the World Health Organization, 94,372 people in India, 45,523 in the United States and 43,718 in Brazil were infected with corona on Sunday (September 13).

According to the WHO, five and a half thousand people have died of coronavirus in the last 24 hours worldwide. The total number of deaths stood at 9 lakh and 28 thousand 325 people. More than a thousand people have died in a single day in India and the United States, where 874 people were killed in Corona on Sunday(September 13) in Brazil.

As of Monday (September 14th), 2,91,88,603 people had been identified as corona in the world, according to the World Survey. Of these, 72 lakh and 26 thousand 481 are currently undergoing treatment and 60 thousand and 463 are in critical condition.

This new virus mainly causes major infections in the lungs. Fever, cough, and respiratory problems are the main symptoms. Analysis of the virus genetic code has shown that it is very similar to the SARS virus. There are many debates going on in world politics about this virus.

News Room, September 14,2020