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Number Of Corona Infected Has Crossed To 10,000: 688 Newly Identified

The number of corona infected in the country has crossed to 10,000: 688 newly identified.The number of infected and dying people is increasing day by day due to the global epidemic of coronavirus. The number of victims is also increasing in Bangladesh. In the last 24 hours, 688 more corona patients have been identified in the country.

With this, the total number of victims in the country stood at 10 thousand and 143 people. Besides, five more people have died in the last 24 hours. The total death toll rose to 182 people.

Nasima Sultana was given the information in the regular online bulletin of the Department of Health on Monday, May 4 at noon.

She said another 6,315 samples were collected in the last 24 hours to detect coronavirus. Of these, 6,260 were tested. A total of 87,694 samples were tested in the country. Coronavirus has been detected in the bodies of 688 more people in the new sample test. This is the highest identification record in 24 hours, surpassing yesterday’s number. Five more died among the victims.

A total of 182 people died in this. Besides, 147 more people have recovered in one day. In all, 1,210 people have returned home healthy.

Earlier on Sunday, the regular online bulletin of the Department of Health said that the highest number of coronavirus virus was detected in the bodies of 665 people in Bangladesh in 24 hours. Two more deaths were reported at the same time. In addition, a total of 1,063 patients are said to have recovered.

Most countries have not paid much attention to the virus since the outbreak began in December. Many countries thought it was a Chinese virus and that might not spread to Europe and America. That is why the countries there have not taken any steps. They also have to pay results. Because China is not among the first countries in terms of the number of infections.

Although the first case of corona virus was identified in Bangladesh on March 6, the first death was reported on March 18. The government is moving day by day to identify the patients and increase the number of deaths. In order to prevent the spread of the virus, all government and private offices were declared closed from March 26. The leave has been extended several times, which is still continuing. In the fifth phase, the leave has been extended till May 05. Earlier, another announcement was made to extend the leave. Whose notification has not yet been issued. It is said that the leave will be extended till May 15 or 16.

In the Corona situation, not only in Bangladesh, but in most of the countries of the world, the steps are much like this. However, in the meantime, some countries are easing the lockdown. Spain, Germany and India have followed that path. The United States and Italy think the same.

As of Monday,May 4 at 8:45 a.m., the number of people infected with the corona virus in the world has risen to 35,66,004 so far, according to WorldMeter, a website that keeps track of the number of deaths and deaths from the corona virus. The virus, which has spread to 210 countries and regions, has so far claimed the lives of 2,48,282 people.

Among the victims, 11 lakh and 54 thousand 14 people have returned home after recovering. At present 21 lakh and 63 thousand 708 people are undergoing treatment. Of these, 21 lakh and 13 thousand 668 people have mild infections but 50 thousand and 40 people are in critical condition.

News Room, May 04,2020