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Patients pressure at icddrb Hospital

At the International Diarrhea Research Center, Bangladesh (ICDDRB) Hospital in Chandpur, the pressure of patients suffering from diarrhea and cholera is increasing.

The number of patients of different ages including children from the surrounding districts is increasing in this specialized hospital.

As the beds are over, there is a place for the patients on the verandah. Doctors and nurses on duty at the hospital are struggling to treat the extra patients.

It is learned that most of the patients coming to this hospital are dehydrated. As a result, they are suffered a lot. Relatives said that those who are being admitted on time are returning home healthy.

Hosne Ara Begum, a resident of Mission Road, Chandpur, who brought the patient to the hospital, said, ”My four-month-old baby has had diarrhea and vomiting. I was admitted to the hospital on Saturday afternoon. Here medicine as well as saline has been given. The condition is better now.”

“This is the season for diarrhea and cholera,” said Fatema Tuz Johra, a duty doctor at ICDDRB Hospital.

”This year’s picture is different. Every day a large number of patients are being admitted. We are struggling to serve the patients. However, we are trying our level best to give the patients the best service.”

The head of the ICDDRB Health and Research Center Md. Alfazal Khan said that the incidence of diarrhea may increase due to heat and climate change. Every day a large number of patients are coming to our hospital suffering from stomach ailments. We are also serving them as much as we can. Although the number of beds in the hospital is 70, at present more than 300 patients are coming every day.

Staff Correspondent, April 11,2022