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President will address 11th session of 11th National Parliament

11th session of the 11th National Parliament will be held on Monday, January 18. This session held in January is also called the winter session. The President Abdul Hamid will speak on the first working day of the session.Strict hygiene rules have been imposed in this session.

According to the Parliament Secretariat, the first session of the Eleventh National Parliament 2021 will be held on Monday at 4.30 pm. Earlier, the duration of the session will be decided in the meeting of the parliamentary committee and the presidium (panel member) will be nominated.

Due to the global pandemic coronavirus, various restrictions have been imposed in this session as well. Arrangements have been made for corona test of the MPs at the Medical Center of the Parliament House. Besides, the corona of all including the officials and employees of the Parliament Secretariat and the media personnel is being examined. It has been decided to follow the hygiene rules in the session room.

According to the constitutional provisions, the President will address the Parliament at the beginning of this session. A motion of thanks will be made later on his speech. The cabinet has already approved the president’s speech.

News Room, January 18,2021