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17 crore 35 lakh recovered from Coronavirus

Coronavirus infections and deaths are on the rise around the world. In the continuation of this, 19 crore infected by corona has crossed the world. About 41 lakh people died in it. And about 17 crore 35 lakhs have recovered from this pandemic.

The data was found on the international statistics website WorldoMeters on Saturday, July 18.

According to the latest data, 19 crore two lakh 95 thousand 694 people have been identified as affected by corona in the world so far. And 40 lakh 91 thousand 898 people have died in it. So far 17 crore 34 lakh 90 thousand 894 people have recovered from this virus.

Meanwhile, the United States still tops the world in coronary infections and deaths. Three crore 49 lakh 29 thousand 856 people have been affected in the country so far. Six lakh 24 thousand 606 people have died in it.

News Room, July 17,2021