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In Chandpur Tk. 623 crore remittance achieved in 5 months

In Chandpur Tk. 623 crore remittance achieved in 5 months. In 5 months from January to May of the current financial year, 5 state-owned banks in Chandpur have received foreign remittances of Tk 623.88 crore from 3 lakh 65 thousand expatriates.

According to the information received from the regional office of the 5 state-owned banks in Chandpur, the information was obtained on June 7.

According to the data, Sonali Bank received Tk 154 crore 80 lakh against 28,446 foreign remittances in the first five months of 2021, Janata Bank received Tk 116 crore 22 lakh against 20,924 foreign remittances, Agrani Bank received Tk 300 crore 37 lakh in 5 months and Krishi bank earned Tk 52 crore 49 lakh against 7,600 foreign remittances.

Incidentally, remittances sent by Chandpur expatriates in return for their labor are creating liquidity in more than two hundred bank branches and a few hundred shopping malls in the district. The foreign remittances of the expatriates in the district have changed the picture in terms of their own houses or buildings, business, education, agriculture, development of infrastructure in their respective areas, infrastructural development of mosques, madrasas and orphanages.

According to the Chandpur Manpower and Employment Bureau, there are 1 crore 14 lakh 61 thousand Bangladeshi expatriates in 162 countries of the world. Chandpur ranks 7th among other districts of the country in terms of expatriates.

According to sources in the Chandpur Manpower and Employment Office, 3 lakh 65 thousand legitimate Chandpur workers in different countries of the world, including the Middle East, send remittances from their workplaces to their nearest relatives through banks and other agencies. Illegal or development or otherwise there are numerous more remittances acquired for which no statistics could be known.

The largest labor market in Bangladesh is Saudi Arabia, followed by Kuwait, Qatar, Bahrain, Lebanon, Jordan and Libya. The people concerned think that this is a huge achievement for the riverine Chandpur. However, most of the expatriates in Chandpur are spending their labor in the Middle East and Arab countries. Chandpur has expatriate workers in many countries of the world including Malaysia, Italy, France, Singapore, Japan, South Korea. They are sending these remittances.

The expatriates of Chandpur send these remittances every month through various international and authorized agencies of Bangladesh Bank. Some banks are only transacting money through a secret PIN number. Many expatriate customers also send money in person.

Meanwhile, banks like Uttara, Rupali, Pharma, Mercantile, Prime, Dutch-Bangla, City, National, United Commercial, Trust, etc. in Chandpur deal with remittances, but they are unable to provide information on development transactions as they have regulatory offices in Comilla. As it was not possible to mention it in the report, it was not included in the report of Chandpur Times.

The country’s reserves of foreign remittances sent by expatriates are increasing. Employment creation and socio-economic conditions are improving. Each foreign remittance desk and help desk of some banks have been opened to provide services separately. The bank branch is committed to provide the highest level of service in this regard.

Within minutes of remittances to expatriates, the bank is able to disburse the desired amount to its customers. Bangladeshi expatriates send the money from their respective workplaces through various finance agencies approved by Bangladesh Bank.

The Deputy General Manager of Sonali Bank in Chandpur said, ‘So that the expatriates can legally legalize their custard.
That is why the government is giving 2% incentive for sending money to the country. This helps to increase the reserves of the bank.

In this regard, General Manager of Agrani Bank Geeta Rani said, “Apart from improving the condition of expatriates, remittances are keeping the economic wheel of our country in motion.” The government is giving them 2% incentive for this remittance. Agrani Bank is giving another 1%.

Correspondent: Abdul Ghoni, June 07,2021