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United win confidently

United win confidently in Manchester Derby

Citizens shook the ground when they called United in the Manchester Derby on Saturday night.Liverpool, who are in the league title race on this day, also won three goals against opponent Bournemouth.

So the Citizens had no choice but to win the league title against Manchester United. Then play at their home ground at Etihad Stadium. As the benefits of playing on their own field are high, so is the expectation of supporters.

It was probably under pressure that Pepe pushed Guardiola’s disciples into stress. Otherwise, in the first half of the first half against United this time, Keniba would lose even more to Manchester United by going to the ball position again and again. On the other hand, the Reddevils made up 12%.

Regardless, the Reddevils weren’t expecting such a big win as the Citizens to win the league title. Manchester United were hoping to get themselves a bit above the league table by playing something good. Manchester City were ahead of the shootings. City took 22 shots a total. Manchester United took the shot 4 times. .

On that day, the fate-maker also understood that Olegana was for Scholesher’s team. Otherwise, Manchester City fouled Manchester United’s player inside the D-box.

Even if the penalty is not referee first. One of the various technologies involved in contemporary contemporary football is the Video Assistant System or VR. A. More. Manchester United get a penalty chance on the call.

Reddyville winger Marcus Rashford took full advantage of the opportunity, scoring the goal keeper in the first 20 minutes, scoring his first goal for the team.

Anthony Marshall scored the second goal after Marcus Rashford in 20 minutes. After the second goal, United boss Sir Alex Ferguson stood in the gallery and greeted the players. Manchester City did not score a goal in the first half Citizens were ahead of United in Corner, Passes and Pass Acuracy in the second match. But the expected goal was not scored.

Rushford, Lingard and Fred United deserve the expected win over the quality of the game they played.

The former Manchester United manager has been sacked for more than a year. Then comes Olegana Scholesher. This is not the team that has been in good shape since taking charge of Shoalsher. Manchester United supporters were disappointed with the recent performance of the team.

Compared to the league, Manchester United were performing as poorly against the last five power teams.
Losing Tottenham Hotspur and Manchester United in succession. 2-1 win in the interim. Given the current situation, Manchester United supporters can get some relief.

Correspondent: Imtiaz Ahmed, December 8,2019