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4 Infected Identified In Chandpur District: IEDCR

4 infected identified in Chandpur district: IEDCR.Coronavirus identified four corona in Chandpur district, according to the Institute of Pathology, Disease Control and Research (IEDCR) under the Ministry of Health. This information has been published on the official website of IEDCR. The results are based on the results of the sample test on Saturday April 11, at 8 am.

However, the health department of Chandpur has admitted to the two victims till 8 pm on Saturday. One was identified last Thursday and the other on Saturday. These two ideas were living in the north. Both are currently undergoing treatment at the Isolation Ward of the Northern Upazila Health Complex.

On the other hand, the district health department is not giving any information even though four sources of isolation in Chandpur are suffering from corona. They say reports have not been received.

On Saturday night, a search by Cumilla media personnel revealed that there have been six corona affected but there have been 8 mentions on the IEDCR website. The Cumilla Health Department contacted the IEDCR to find out if two Cumilla residents tested the sample in Dhaka and found out they had corona. The address of the two men referred to as “Cumilla” shows the total number of people affected in Comilla. That is, 8 people in Cumilla district are suffering from corona.

Civil Surgeon of Chandpur said that there were 4 victims mentioned on the website of IEDCR. When contacted by mobile phone on Saturday night to comment on Md. Sakhawat Ullah, he said that two persons have been identified as coronas in Chandpur till now.

I’m not sure about those. When Cumilla informed the civil surgeon of Chandpur about the incident, he said, “I know that a woman from Matlab North is undergoing treatment at Kurmitola Hospital in Dhaka while suffering from coronas.” Maybe he is also included with Chandpur as the permanent address Chandpur is mentioned. I have no further information on this outbreak.

Correspondent: Delwar Hossain, April 11,2020