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BCB Is Not Thinking About Tour Of Sri Lanka Right Now

BCB is not thinking about the tour of Sri Lanka right now.The possibility arose after the announcement of the Sri Lanka Cricket Board. They are ready to host India and Bangladesh in July, the Sri Lankan board said a few days ago. However, BCB President Nazmul Hasan told at the National Sports Council today that the BCB is still far from a decision like the tour. For the time being, he has ruled out the possibility of going to Bangladesh first.

Meanwhile, after the Ireland series, the tour to Bangladesh of Australia and New Zealand has been postponed. It is unknown at this time what will do after corona epidemic.

However, due to the limited spread of the coronavirus in Sri Lanka, the country announced that they were preparing for the series in July. However, the BCB president said today that there was no discussion between the two boards, “No, there was no discussion.”

‘The World Cup here is talking about going back to what it was. It is very difficult to say what will happen bilaterally here. I mean, we don’t know when the ICC events will be. Then we have to reschedule accordingly.

Although the situation in Sri Lanka is good, due to the overall situation in Bangladesh, Nazmul Hasan is not thinking of a tour at the moment. Whether we can send, whether it will be right to send our players at the moment. Where to stay, what to do. These are not easy decisions. A place is good now, a month later I saw it being there again. It is not possible to say where it will end. Or when the situation.’

The BCB president did not want to consider the possibility of Bangladesh playing cricket first.

“We will monitor others,” he added.

‘What the ICC does, what the ACC does. What other countries are doing. So far no one was able to the perfect solution.It is not right to think that we will be the first in this case.’

Today, the BCB president handed over a check for Tk. 10,000 for 501 athletes from 23 federations to the Ministry of Youth and Sports at the National Sports Council. The BCB had earlier announced to stand by the helpless athletes, according to which Nazmul Hasan gave this financial assistance of around taka 5 million today.

News Room, May 20,2020