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At Chandpur General Hospital, patients are being harassed by external ward boys

At Chandpur General Hospital, patients are being harassed by external ward boys and health workers at Chandpur Government General Hospital. Ordinary patients are being harassed due to these outsiders.

Although the patients who come to the government hospital in the district for medical treatment are constantly harassed by these outsiders.

On the other hand, hospital authorities are not taking any permanent and strict action against those miscreants.

It is learned that there have been 14 health workers officialiy appointed at Chandpur General Hospital. But it has been seen that the total number of health workers who are working in the hospital regularly and externally will be more than one and a half hundred. Every day, due to external ward boys patients have to bear the stigma of various incidents.

It has long been observed that the hospital has a manpower and a number of government-employed health workers, but there is a constant influx of outsiders and brokers. These brokers and health workers visit the hospital every morning to make friends with the patients and get involved in the brokerage.

At first they assisted the patients in the emergency department of the hospital with the assistance of a few people and health workers.

A few days ago, an outside Wardboy was arrested by the hospital staff for stealing an oxygen cylinder from the isolation ward of the hospital.

Brokers, on the other hand, roam in front of the hospital’s ticket counter, outdoor and indoor, as well as in front of various doctors’ rooms. And from there they collaborated with the patients in the medical service. They then take the patients to various private diagnostics adjacent to the hospital to perform the tests that the doctors give them. And in return they get commission from there.

Although the hospital authorities took action against these outsourced health workers and brokers, they were seen to be conducting their activities in the same manner again after a days.

Concerned are believe that this is happening because the hospital authorities have not taken permanent and strict action against these.

Dr. Asibul Ahsan Chowdhury, Resident Medical Officer (RMO) of Chandpur Government General Hospital, told ‘Chandpur Times’ that a few days ago, we also arrested a number of brokers and outsiders. But it has been seen that two or three days after they were released. And then they are wandering in the hospital again on various pretexts.

He added that these brokers and outsiders enter the hospital showing some physical problem to themselves or their relatives. Then they work on strategies to build friendships with patients.

We have also told the Model Police that they should come to the hospital in civil dress to monitor the whole thing and arrest them.

Correspondent: Kobir Hossain Mizi, August 23,2021