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In Chandpur Infected Young Man Conquer With Corona

In Chandpur infected young man conquer with corona.Nannur Rahman Khan, a young man returning to Narayanganj, was the first victim of corona in Chandpur Sadar Upazila. He shared the story of winning the Corona War on Facebook Live.

Nannur Rahman said he was working as a medical technologist in the CT scan and MRI department at the Modern Diagnostic Center in Narayanganj. After coming to Chandpur on April 01, he had difficulty breathing and after contacting the hotline, his samples were collected on April 08. Later on, 12 April his report came positive.

Then he said Chandpur Sadar Upazila Health Officer. Sajeda Begum recovered after taking some treatment in isolation for 14 days under the care of Pauline.

“After I collected another sample on April 20 during the treatment, the report also came back negative,” he said. After collecting another sample on April 26, it also came back negative. I don’t have any problems at the moment.

He said, “If we all become aware, follow the rules, then inshallah we will be able to stay away from this corona.Corona can’t do anything to us.”

He said, if you ever get sick, do not hide in fear and shame and seek the help of a doctor. It doesn’t cost any money to do this test. Collect samples from where you are and take them away. The doctors on our medical team are very sincere. You will get overall support from them.

Sadar Upazila Health Officer Sajeda Begum Palin said, he called us as he was aware of his problem. He could not believe it after his report came back positive. I would advise him whenever he felt any problem. After collecting his samples twice and testing, his report came back negative.

Chandpur Correspondent, May 08,2020