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Corona Death Toll Rises To 6

Corona death toll rises to 6. 3 more people have been diagnosed with the Corona virus in the country and 1 people has died, Health Minister Zahid Malek said. Health Minister Zahid Malek made the information while attending the online briefing of the Institute of Pathology, Disease Control and Research – IEDCR on Wednesday, April 01.

He said that a total of 26 people affected by the country have returned to their homes after getting treatment.Total 54 people infected with the virus in the country with the number of death toll rising to 6.

Earlier on Tuesday, the IEDCR said that the virus has been identified in the 51 body so far in the country. Of these, 5 people died, 25 recovered and 21 people were undergoing treatment.

On the other hand, the Corona virus has been detected in the body of 8 lakh 58 thousand 669 people so far around the world. 42 thousand 151 people were killed . Of the injured, 1 lakh 78 thousand 99 people returned home after getting treatment so far.

News Room, April 01,2020