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Coronavirus Causes Stress In 91% Of Children And Adolescents

Coronavirus causes stress in 91% of children and adolescents.In 13 developing countries of the world including Bangladesh, 91 percent children and youth are suffering from stress and suffering. This is because of the lockdown and social distance restrictions for controlling coronavirus infection.

The data came from a survey by World Vision, a US-based international development agency.

The survey, titled ‘Children’s Voices in the Time of Covid-19’, was conducted in the last two months to find out the impact of the global epidemic on children and young people.

The survey looked at Syrian children in refugee camps in Bangladesh, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Albania, Brazil, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Mali, Mongolia, Nicaragua, Peru, the Philippines, Romania, Sierra Leone and the Turkish-Syrian border.

The survey, conducted on 101 people aged 8 to 18 in those countries, found that 91 per cent of children said they were suffering from anxiety, anger and fear due to the uncertainty and prolonged isolation of Corona.

And 71 percent of children and young people say they feel isolated and lonely because of the school closure.

Survey participants said there were three reasons for the decline in life in the epidemic. That is, disruption of educational activities, mental distress due to social distance and increase in poverty in the family.

News Room, April 29,2020