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300 Children deprive of books in Chandpur city

300 Children deprive of books in Chandpur city.Nearly three hundred children students of an institution have been deprived of the government’s free book this year on the first day of the year in a conflict between two educational institutions in Chandpur.

Conflict between Nobarun adarsha shishu niketon and Ghoni model high school .

The members of the Ghani Model High School Board of Directors said, ‘We are not evacuating them. Instead of increasing the number of students in our school, we have told them a few years ago move to other places.They are running their school using our school premises, while they have sued against us in court.This is very sad’.

In this regard, Fazlul Huq Sarkar, chairperson of the Board of Directors of the Nobarun adarsha shishu niketon, said, ‘Once many rooms of this school were unprotected, once drug addicted stay here.Then Nobarun adarsha shishu niketon was established.The then Vice-President of the Ghoni Adarsha ​​High School Steering Committe,Abul Kashem Chowdhury gave permission to us with the written approval.

He said, ‘Since that time ew have been operating the organization for 34 years. But the banner of our school has been turn down and committee members Aminur Rahman Babul has strictly told the teachers not to conduct classes. At one point, they locked the school room. They gave us notice to leave, we replied to that notice by court’.

He also said, ‘They have civil rights cases in the District Judge’s Court. Which will be heard on the 24th of this month. Itu Chakraborty, the principal of the Nobarun adarsha shishu niketo said, “Because of the sudden locking in our room, we could not distribute books among the children and we could not do other tasks.”

In view of such allegations, Ghoni Model High School Board of Directors Mostaq Haider Chowdhury said, “The number of students in our school has increased. At the beginning of the program, they started running classes until Class Three. But now they are continuing classes till the fifth grade without any permission.Even though they are supposed to have classes till 9 am, they are continuing their classes till 10 am.

Aminur Rahman Babul, a member of the school’s management committee said, ‘Authorities told their to leave them in 2016. They didn’t even pay nominal rent this year.

Ghani model high school pricipal teacher Abbas Uddin said, I knew nothing about locking Nobarun adarsha shishu niketo room.

News Room,January 05,2020