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Ministry of Education one year achievement

Ministry of Education one year achievement.The education ministry has demanded success in the last one year, including strategy and policy formulation.The claim was made in a news release signed by the ministry’s information and public relations officer Mohammad Abul Khair on Thursday, January 2.

It said that the ministry achieved 52 important achievements in 52 weeks. On January 07 last year, Education Minister Dr. Dipu Moni and Deputy Minister Mohibul Hasan Chowdhury took charge of the ministry.On January 07, they will complete one year. At this time, the ministry’s achievements showed that 52 important steps have been taken. A large part of this has also been implemented.

Earlier, the Education Minister directed the officials to inform them about the achievements of the ministry in one year.In this regard, the Secondary and Higher Education Department formed a 16 member committee on December 17. However, this achievement was highlighted in the press release before submitting the report of this committee.

The press release said, ‘The establishment of 2,730 new educational institutions, MPO affiliation at a time, UNESCO’s compliance with Bangabandhu’s birth anniversary in 195 countries; Make technical education compulsory, Athyakrama started refinement, the grading system of coordination, coaching-trade rules to stop and question, and rumors have been prevented.

Work has been initiated on the construction of new buildings in 13000 educational institutions, Bangabandhu Aviation and Aerospace University, Habiganj and Chandpur, new universities, Madrasa Education Board law and education board law and education law have been finalized.

Opening of academic activities of Khulna Agricultural University, formation of accreditation council, anti-bullying rules to prevent ragging, ‘Bangabandhu and War of Liberation War Corners’ in all educational institutions;

The introduction of free diary in the hands of the sixth and seventh grade students, upgrading 103 posts in the second and third grades of education cadre, creating 335 more posts in the second and third grades, the creation of about 12000 posts in uniform.

Long-pending secondary and higher education department has taken steps to reduce the recruitment of the fourth grade employees, recruitment of 702 people, e-filing of all government colleges.

All the educational institutions of the country have been able to put in place monitoring arrangements, introduce sudden inspection systems, supply scientific equipment to 20,000 schools, solve problems of seven colleges affiliated to Dhaka University and control the instability in higher education.

Principles of the structure of individual payday madrasahs are finalized, school and college teacher integration rules, appointment of principal and principal of private educational institutes, reducing complexity in setting up autism academy for special needs children, facilitating retirement benefits of private teachers, initiation of educational programs and educational programs.

Initiatives to teach the history of the War of Liberation in the curriculum of Qomi Madrasa, issue circular to meet the shortage of students, launch mid-day mills in 6,000 schools, initiate mid-day mills in all schools, launch closed education, train all staff and staff on field level. , Monitoring the health of students in each school, measuring weight and height in each school Yabastha, the re-productive health programs and gender equity issues, family counseling and mental health systems to ensure students have been taken to reach the hands of parents, nutritious diet.

Co-education launches, creating separate wash blocks for students, opportunities for exercise and incentives, making the project successful ‘Know Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman and the Liberation War’, an initiative to make students proficient in 7 soft skills, educating students every Thursday. Program, Initiative to Establish 13 College as ‘Center of Excellence’ An initiative has been taken to keep the drinking-cigarette shops on the wall of the apocalypse and to run honesty stores in all educational institutions.

News Room, Jan 04,2020