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38 lakh 88 thousand died in world

Outbreaks of coronavirus have not diminished. In the last 24 hours, another 6,337 people have died from the virus worldwide. At the same time 3 lakh 2 thousand 210 people have been identified. And 3 lakh 42 thousand 403 people have recovered.

The data came from the international statistics website WorldMeter on Tuesday, June 22.

According to the WorldoMeters, a total of 17 crore 95 lakh 36 thousand 267 corona have been identified worldwide so far. Of these, 38 lakh 88 thousand 377 people died. And so far a total of 16 crore 42 lakh 32 thousand 159 people have recovered from Corona.

The United States is still at the top of the list of countries affected by corona in the world. So far, 3 crore 44 lakh 19 thousand 838 people have been identified in the country. Of these, 6 lakh 17 thousand 463 people died. And 2 crore 87 lakh 67 thousand 507 people have recovered.

India is in the second place in the list. So far, 2 crore 99 lakh 73 thousand 457 corona have been identified in the country. 3 lakh 89 thousand 268 people died. And 2 crore 89 lakh 13 thousand 191 people have recovered.

In Brazil, which is in the third place, so far 1 crore 79 lakh 69 thousand 806 people have been identified as corona. Of these, 5 lakh 2 thousand 817 people have died. And 1 crore 62 lakh 88 thousand 392 people have recovered.

France is fourth, Turkey fifth, Russia sixth, United Kingdom seventh, Argentina eighth, Italy ninth and Colombia tenth.

Bangladesh now ranks 31st in the list of infections and deaths. So far 8 lakh 56 thousand 304 people have been identified in the country. Of these, 13,626 died. And 7 lakh 85 thousand 482 people have become healthy.

The first coronavirus was detected in December 2019 in Wuhan, China. The first patient in the country died of corona on January 9, 2020. On January 13 of that year, the first corona patient was identified outside of China in Thailand. Later it gradually spread to different countries.

The World Health Organization (WHO) declared a global health emergency on January 30, 2020 in the wake of the corona outbreak. Then, on February 2, the first death of a patient in Corona outside China took place in the Philippines. On March 11 of the same year, the World Health Organization declared Corona a global pandemic.

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