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Drug dealer including Yaba arrested in Faridganj

Three drug dealers including Yaba were arrested in Faridganj. Police have arrested three drug dealers along with 30 pieces of Yaba in Faridganj.

On Friday night, October 2, under the direction of Police Station Officer-in-Charge Mohammad Shahid Hossain, SI Nurul Islam along with allied forces conducted a raid in Kachiara of Faridganj Municipal Area and arrested Mohammad AH Rahman (31), Mohammad Abul Kashem Khan (35) and Mohammad Mamun Mizi (20) with 30 pieces of Yaba.

Police Officer-in-Charge Mohammad Shahid Hossain said three drug dealers, including Yaba, were arrested and a case was filed under the Narcotics Act and sent to court.

Correspondent: Shimul Hasan, October 03, 2021