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Holiday May Extend

Holiday may extend. In the absence of improvement of the coronavirus infection, the general holiday in the country may increase further. Concerned that there is no alternative to extending leave under the control of Corona, more holidays will pose a challenge to the government.

To prevent corona infection, the country is undergoing nearly one month vacation from March 26 to April 25. But Corona situation is only getting worse.

Holidays will need to be extended to keep people at home to prevent infection, health ministry officials said. For this reason it is recommended to the appropriate authorities to extend the leave.

Although cabinet departments and public administration officials say the extension of the holiday depends entirely on the prime minister. But the holidays are hampering the country’s production process. A large number of people have been rendered useless. Extending the holiday can have an impact on the diet. Now that the boro harvest season is underway, this is the largest crop in the country. Holidays to raise the boro farmer’s house have caused problems. Due to public transport stops, the boro are not being cut in many places in the labor crisis.

In addition, if the traders are unable to carry out the activities in front of the Eid, the economic losses will increase. And unemployed people can not be kept in the house for long.

In view of everything in this situation, the Prime Minister will decide to extend the vacation at a later time, officials said.

Saturday morning, April 18, the Secretary of the Department of Health Asadul Islam said, “We want a Strictly Enforcement to keep people at home. Our main weapon in preventing corona is isolation and maintaining distance. This is happening, but it would be nice if there was another Strictly. Otherwise, we will not be able to prevent infection.”

“In the present situation, the holiday will need to be extended,” he added. As the patient is growing we will recommend extending the leave.”

Asked how long the holiday could be held under the control of Corona, the Health Services Secretary said, “It cannot be said right now. That is to say, by analyzing the trend of infection. Experts are reviewing, looking at the experiences of other countries.”

Regarding the holidays, Public Administration Secretary Sheikh Yusuf Harun said, “In the situation of the corona, yes, it will be necessary to extend the leave. But we have to think about some things. Now is the Boro paddy harvest season. If the farmers are not able to go to the places, the situation will get worse.”

He said, ‘No decision has been made on extending the holiday. Considering everything, the Prime Minister may decide on this. Don’t know what will happen, we have not yet made a decision.’

An official said the holiday may be extended by one more week until May 2. However, in some cases the sanctions may be relaxed.

The government first declared a general holiday from March 26 to April 04 due to the corona. Holidays were extended for three more periods. Later, the holidays were extended on April 11, April 14 and April 25.

The Coronavirus regular health bulletin was reported by the Health Department on Friday, April 17, and the epidemic coronavirus killed at least 15 people in the last 24 hours.

As a result, 75 people have died in the virus so far. 266 others have been identified as suffering from corona. As a result, the total number of affected people rose to 1,838.

Dhaka Bureau Chief, April 18,2020