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I Want To Live With Hope

I want to live with hope.I got up and went to the gym for two hours at 6 am in the morning. I get breakfast and watch movie for two hours. Then sleep for two hours. Get up and walk a little.I do my Lunch at one and a half at noon. In the afternoon take some rest. Around 8 pm I take my dinner.A while after, i went to sleep at 10 or 11 pm.Thus i complete my day of coronavirus .

Various news about Corona is heard in the ear. I try to hear less of Corona news. The more I hear the panic, the more i fell fear. Since I’m not leaving the house, I feel a bit safe. After a while I wash my hands with sanitizer or soap.

Staying at home all day, no work, not even busy. I remember a lot of the past. Of course, my old innings or playing things rarely come up in my memory. I was watching an innings video that day. Whenever I need to watch something technical, I watch my batting video.

Now, of course, I see a lot of videos of other batsmen. I was watching a very old innings of Sachin Tendulkar. Young Sachin scored a century against England at Old Trafford. I saw an old game of Bangladesh that day.I seen a lot of innings already of Ashraful.What an excellent batsman he was ! What a great century against the Sri Lankan bowling attack on a Chittagong Test against Muttiah Muralitharan on February 2006.

Outside of cricket sometimes watching movies and spending time. There is no chance of doing too much cricket at home. I’m doing fitness work. I’m not thinking too much about the skill work.I can’t do the net, I can’t bat or bowling. Because of this, the cricketers are all very hungry.

Why does it look like this? In fact, after a long break, the game does not feel pressured anymore. That is a lot of fun. Happiness is also there. There must be some kind of boredom going on in the house. Not bothered to play. When the game will begin, it will be seen that the joy of childhood has returned. When we were just playing with the joy of mind.

But when the game starts, there is no guarantee. Many of our Test series are uncertain. Something has already been postponed. It would not make much profit to think about it. We have nothing in our hands. The situation may be normal.

And now the thought of survival is bigger than playing. I am thinking more about how to survive in this difficult situation, how to protect my family. I think everyone is thinking that. I want to live with hope

News Room,April 18,2020