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ICC Guidelines For Restart Of Cricket

ICC guidelines for restart of cricket.All forms of cricket in the world are closed due to the deadly coronavirus. In such a situation, the board of any country does not want to start playing with risk. So the ICC issued new guidelines by issuing multiple warnings to return cricket to the field.

The ICC said in a statement that each country’s cricket board should appoint a chief medical officer.

Because, according to the company, cricketers will be able to handle everything properly with a team of medical experts.

As a precaution, the ICC has advised each member country to regularly measure the body temperature of the players and test the Covid-19 before the tour. They also said to test the corona in the practice match.

The ICC has also given guidelines for maintaining social distance on the field. It has been said that cricketers should always have a distance of one and a half meters on the field. The company also advises caution during practice. In this case too, they said to practice in small groups to maintain distance.

Big instructions are also coming for umpires. According to the instructions, the umpires must use gloves. Because umpires have to catch the ball again and again. Especially in ODI cricket, two balls are used from two sides. At the end of an over, the ball has to be handed over to the umpire.

It is also advisable to keep sanitizer in personal belongings and use it at all times.

Apart from that, the ICC has requested for special action in the case of bowlers. That said, bowlers returning to the field after a long break may be more prone to injuries. You have to be careful about that.

They also said that it would be better if the bowlers could get a full five-six week training before returning to the match. In addition, special attention has been asked to the elderly members involved in cricket.

Earlier, the ICC Cricket Committee had recommended that the ball should not be spit or spit on to avoid corona infection.

News Room, May 23,2020