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This time Messi became billionaire

This time Messi became billionaire.Last June, Portuguese superstar Cristiano Ronaldo became the first footballer in the world to become a billionaire. It took only three months for his eternal rival Lionel Messi to touch him.

According to Forbes, the world’s most respected US trade magazine, Lionel Messi has reached the 1 crore dollars mark as the world’s second-largest footballer. However, the amount of this income is deducted from the income tax account. In other words, the total income of Messi’s career before the tax deduction from the income is more than 1 crore dollars.

Overall, Messi is the sixth billionaire in the world. Earlier, Michael Jordan in basketball, Tiger Woods in golf, Floyd Mayweather in pro-boxing, Michael Schumacher in formula racing and Cristiano Ronaldo in football surpassed 1 crore dollars.

Messi has also become the highest-earning footballer this year on his way to becoming a billionaire. In addition to the 92 million he received from Spanish club Barcelona, ​​Messi earned 34 million in 2020 from other advertising deals. As a result, his career income exceeded 1 thousand million dollars.

Ronaldo has earned just 9 million euros less than Messi this year. According to Forbes, the Juventus forward earned 117 million in 2020. Besides, no other footballer has been able to earn 100 million this year.

The next ten names in the top ten are Neymar ( 96 million), Kyliam Mbabane (42 million), Mohamed Salah (37 million), Paul Pogba (34 million), Antonio Griezmann (33 million) and Gareth Bale (29 million), Roberto Lewandowski (26 million) and David de Gea (24 million).

News Room, September 15,2020