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Moderna Corona vaccine approved by Canada

The Canadian Department of Health has approved the emergency use of a coronavirus vaccine made by the Moderna US pharmaceutical company. The government plans to give the citizens a first dose before Christmas.

Two weeks ago, Canada approved a vaccine made by Pfizer-Bioentech. This time the moderna vaccine was approved as the second vaccine for coronavirus.

Earlier, on December 14, the vaccination program officially started in Canada. This is the first time a historian has received the first vaccine given to a Quebecian, Jessele Levesque, and half an hour later, a second vaccine was given to Anita Koedenzen, a health worker at a Toronto hospital.

The country’s federal health agency told citizens that the modern vaccine is considered effective and safe as an antidote to corona. Attempts will be made to deliver the first dose on time based on the supply.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said Canada would provide 100,000 doses of the vaccine this month under a government agreement with a US biotech company. Delivery will begin within 48 hours of approval.

Modern has promised to dose 40 million vaccines in Canada by 2021.

News Room, December 23,2020