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Muslim Couple Beside UK People

Muslim couple beside UK people in Corona situation.Dozens of medical workers have died in the UK in the coronavirus epidemic. Many are suffering from corona due to lack of other protective equipment, including Personal Protective Equipment (PPE). In the Corona situation, the Muslim couple along with the people of the UK are handling the situation. In such a situation, Asiyah and her husband, Jawad, have extended their hands of honor, not business.

It was not past 9 o’clock in the morning, just before Asiya Javed’s long line outside the grocery store. Most of them are workers and workers of the National Health Care Service (NHS). Everyone is waiting for when hands-free gloves will be handed over to them.

“We thought it would be better to donate the masks to the NHS instead of selling them,” said 34-year-old Asiyah. Because they need them more, they are saving people’s lives.’

She said, ‘Medical workers were paying for lack of masks, but I told them there was no need. They are doing very well. We cannot take money from them.’

As the lockdown intensifies in March, Asiya sees one day, an old woman crying outside a supermarket. Because she could not afford the necessary materials. It was at this time that the Scottish couple decided that they would buy five thousand pounds of mask, handwash and necessary supplies from their savings and distribute them to those who need them.

In the last four weeks, these two magnificent people in Falkirk, Scotland, have distributed at least three thousand peace masks, more than a thousand food pockets.

Many people in the UK have lost their jobs due to the Corona pandemic. Many buyers of Asiadas are unable to provide proper food for their families.

“When we are eating, why do they sleep?

That’s why we announce on Facebook, distribute free food. Since then we have received at least two-three hundred calls.”

William Welsh has been in Falkirk for 54 years. The old man said that one day Jawad came to him with handsets and other necessary items. He greeted her on that day as ‘Assalamu Walaikum’.

“What I say about Javad will not be enough,” said William.

He’s been doing this for weeks. People will never forget what he is doing, especially the elderly.

Irfan Razzak, secretary-general of the Glasgow Central Mosque, said: “Now the suffering needs more support than ever. Asylum seekers, refugees and others are also being helped by the mosque. We are not looking at anyone’s background, but trying to get whatever help we need, no one is being returned. I also get a lot of calls from non-Muslims, especially the elderly. We all have to cooperate with each other in this crisis.”

News Room,April 18,2020