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‘Affiliation canceled if teachers’ salary arrears’

The affiliation of the college teachers who are not paying the salary allowance will be canceled, said the vice chancellor of the national university. Md. Mashiur Rahman.

He was speaking at the Meet the Reporters program at the Nasrul Hamid Auditorium of the Dhaka Reporters’ Unity on Saturday, June 26.

Vice-Chancellor Professor Mashiur Rahman said, ‘At the time of establishment of the college, it was promised that the salary of each teacher would be paid from the college. Even then many college teachers are not being paid. I have written to every college in this regard, the affiliation of the teachers of the courses which are not being paid will be canceled.’

“I have seen many professors struggling to buy a flat after retirement,” he said. Many teachers can’t even buy a color TV. Not only university teachers, 95 percent of secondary and primary school teachers are living honestly.

Referring to the National University Map, he said, “The more comprehensive the map of this country, the wider the student-parents of the national university are. There are a total of 2260 colleges in the country. There are 560 honors colleges and 29 lakh students. There are 60,000 teachers.”

Professor Mashiur Rahman said, “I have uploaded videos of 7,000 classes during the Covid period. In addition, about 13,000 classes have been taken. However, there are doubts about how many students have learned from these classes. But I have talked to the ICT director.”

Regarding online admission, he said, “National University has started online admission process long ago. Only in this case students have to submit a paper to the university. We are also trying to solve it. Teachers outside Dhaka took 4 and a half hours of classes. Very few students took part in this.”

The anti-corruption cell has been formed, he said, adding, “It has been done in principle. It will take an office. Whose work is going on. The national university must ensure accountability.”

“The National University is also working on online exams. The Department of Computer Science of Dhaka University has started work in this regard. However, there is no alternative to taking a physical test, “he said.

Dhaka Reporters Unity President Mursalin Nomani and General Secretary Moshiur Rahman Khan were present on the occasion.

News Room, June 26,2021