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Targeted paddy and cooked rice procured in Chandpur

Targeted paddy and cooked rice procured in Chandpur. In the current boro season, registered farmers have started selling paddy through ‘Farmer’s Apps’. Farmers are also keen to sell paddy to the government as the yield of boro paddy is better than other years.

Farmers are benefiting from higher prices than the market. Chandpur district is so far ahead of the neighboring districts in achieving the targets set by the government for paddy and rice procurement. The process of purchasing paddy and rice will continue for another two and a half months.

According to the Chandpur District Food Department, there are more or less boro paddy cultivation in all the 8 upazilas of Chandpur surrounded by rivers. During the current boro season, the government has set a target of procuring 8086 metric tonnes of boro paddy and 7101 metric tonnes of boiled rice in the district for domestic food grains. The price of paddy is fixed at Tk 27 and the price of Siddha rice is set at Tk 40.

From 9th May to 31st May, 65.10% of paddy and 62.42% of cooked rice were collected. The district food department is continuing its efforts to achieve the target by August 16.

According to the District Food Controller’s Office, 5,284 MT of paddy and 4,436 MT of Siddhachal have been procured through 21 dealers in Chandpur till June 16.

Chandpur District Food Controller (Acting) Nityananda Kundu said, “By May 31, Chandpur district has procured 65% of paddy and 62% of rice to achieve the government target. The government has directed to achieve 75% of the target by June. I hope it will be successful this time.”

Meanwhile, in response to another question, he said, “Only a farmer who has an agricultural card can sell paddy.”

Correspondent: Abdul Ghoni, June 17,2021