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Terrible fire at jute godown in Chandpur

A terrible fire broke out at a jute godown in Chandpur. Jute owner Md Rafiqul Islam Mia has claimed that about half a crore taka has been lost in the incident.

The incident took place at noon on Thursday at Rafiqul Islam’s jute godown on the side of Hossainpur road near Baburhat of ​​Chandpur Sadar upazila on Chandpur-Matlab road.

Within 30 minutes of the incident, the staff of Chandpur Fire Service got the news.

Being able to control the fire with the help of the locals, the jute godown and many houses in the area have been protected from major damage.

Shahidul Islam, deputy director of Chandpur Fire Service and Civil Defense, said the fire was brought under control with the help of locals.

According to locals and eyewitnesses, a huge fire broke out at Rafiq Miah’s jute godown on Matlab Road in Baburhat area of ​​Chandpur Sadar around 12 noon.

Locals suddenly saw flames and smoke coming out of the jute godown. After a while, the locals saw the flames and heat of the fire rising. Immediately, the locals informed about the matter by calling 999. After receiving the news, the fire service personnel reached the spot.

After a while, the fire service personnel came to the spot and after a long effort with the help of the locals, they were able to bring the fire under control. In this regard, Baburhat Bazar Committee President Delwar Hossain said, it is believed that there is a toilet next to the jute godown. The accident may have been caused by someone lighting a cigarette on the way to and from the place where someone came to respond to the call of nature.

Locals said the fire caused extensive damage to the jute godown.