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Women Cricketers Also Joining BCB’s Corona App

Women cricketers also joining BCB’s Corona app.Several players of the Bangladesh cricket team have been infected with the coronavirus epidemic. To provide security to the rest, the Bangladesh Cricket Board (BCB) has launched a special app to find out who among them have come in contact with Covid-19 to that app this time. Initially 40 cricketers were added to the app.

BCB’s MIS (Management Information System) Manager Nasir Ahmed had earlier said that the app has 18 questions. Mostly about the symptoms of Covid-19. Through the app, cricketers will tell how long they have slept, whether they have a fever or pain, whether they have been in contact with a patient, their mental state, etc.

According to BCB sources, 40 cricketers have been added to the app initially. Then in the second step women cricketers are being included. A total of 25 women cricketers can join the Corona app. The BCB has already collected e-mail addresses from the concerned women cricketers. They will be added to the app as soon as possible.

It is known that cricketers have to provide daily information through this app. Based on this information, they will be identified in red, green and yellow zones. If you answer the question, the app will automatically tell you who is in which zone. Then the medical department of BCB will take action accordingly.

All-rounder Mohammad Saifuddin and leg-spinner Aminul Islam Biplob were at risk in the red zone by answering through this app. They had fever and pain in their body. Although their corona was not caught in the corona test.

News Room, june 30,2020